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EA Sports Madden Football Super Bowl 50 Pick and Predictions

Every year, dozens of sites pop in the latest Madden game and pit the two real-life Super Bowl teams.

2017 Super Bowl: Patriots' second-half explosion downs

Our simulation of the 2018 Super Bowl is 100 times crazier than any championship in sports.As you can tell from the video above, according to Madden NFL 18, the New England Patriots will be repeating as Super Bowl champions, as the game predicts.

Super Bowl 2015: 'Madden NFL 15' Made Eerily Accurate

Madden NFL 17 says the New England Patriots will defeat the Atlanta Falcons 27-24 in Super Bowl 51 on Sunday, making Tom Brady the only quarterback with five Super.

Madden Nailed the Super Bowl Prediction Exactly -

A Full History Of Madden NFL Predictions and Why You Should Take.

In 2015, it not only accurately predicted the final score of Super Bowl XLIX, but also that the.Go ahead and take the New England Patriots to win their sixth Super Bowl title with Tom Brady to earn his fifth MVP award.MINNEAPOLIS — Go ahead and take the New England Patriots to win their sixth Super Bowl title with Tom Brady to earn his fifth MVP award.Those are the predictions of.Call your bookie, Madden already knows who will win Super Bowl XLVIII.

Madden predicts the Patriots will win the Super Bowl

NFL 18 simulation of Super Bowl LII.The video game predicts a. 18 predicts dramatic end to Patriots-Eagles.You won the Super Bowl in the 2007 season and silenced the critics.WATCH Madden Predicts Super Bowl. a still from a video game simulation published by Electronic Arts that predicted the winner of Super Bowl XLIX.In an annual tradition, one of the most popular sports video games released ever year, the Madden NFL franchise, picks its Super Bowl winner. This year.For those who doubt the accuracy, EA Sports has predicted 10 of the 14 Super Bowl winners since the company started simulating the game in 2004.

The Denver Broncos defeated the Seattle Seahawks 31-28 in the Madden NFL 25 Super Bowl XLVIII prediction.Picks and predictions for Super Bowl 50 based on the EA Sports Madden Football game, from TopBet online sportsbook.

Madden NFL 25 - Super Bowl XLVIII Prediction

Super Bowl 2018 'Madden' sim: Patriots stun Eagles in

New England Patriots Claim Back-to-Back Championships in EA SPORTS Madden NFL 18 Super Bowl Prediction (Graphic: Business Wire) Multimedia Gallery URL.Madden forecasts Cam Newton. score with the Madden Super Bowl.

Here Is Madden NFL 18's Remarkably Accurate AI Simulated

Madden NFL 16's new trailer predicts Steelers Super Bowl win

Football video game Madden nailed the Super Bowl in its simulation last week, from the score to the player who received the game-winning touchdown.

Revisiting Madden NFL 16 predictions for the. 10th AFC championship game in 15 seasons and will be one win away from reaching Super Bowl 50.